Love Island USA – Where Are the Couples Now?

Love Island USA – Where Are the Couples Now?

After a successful season of Love Island, the viewers are eager to know what happened to the couples. Are Jesse and Deb still together? Are Josh and Shannon together? And what about Cashel and Kyra? Let’s take a closer look. Are the couples still together 2022?

Are Love Island couples still together 2022?

Are Love Island couples still together in 2022, after the show ended? It’s a difficult question to answer, but some couples have stayed together for more than a year, despite their split at the end of the series. Adam Collard and Paige Thorne, who were paired together for most of the series, are still together. However, Paige and Jacques O’Neill have split up. This was after Jacques reportedly kissed Cheyanne Kerr in Casa Amor.

While the series has affected the lives of the couple, its popularity has also caused some viewers to form emotional bonds with these couples. While some may hold the villa responsible for the worst mugging in their lives, there are many other Love Island couples who are still pursuing the perfect relationship. Read on to find out if your favourite couple are still together in 2022! You’ll be surprised to see that some couples have survived the show and are still together.

The final season of Love Island saw Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt get engaged and marry. The pair welcomed their first child together, Nell, in October. They got engaged in February 2021 and were married in September 2021. They were later announced to be expecting their second child, Nora.

Is Jesse and Deb still together?

In the finale of the show, Deb began to question whether or not Jesse and Deb were still together. Deb has been the boyfriend of Jesse for years, but her feelings for him changed over time. She also began making connections with other islanders. She had a connection with Sereniti during the challenge. Although the two were together, Deb never kissed Jesse.

While there is no chemistry between the two, Deb has remained safe for Jesse, so she is giving him the benefit of the doubt. However, Deb should consider the timing of their other relationships. It may be that Deb is still in love with her ex-boyfriend, while Jesse is interested in other guys.

The two made it to the Love Island USA season four finale, where they had their ups and downs. While the relationship lasted, Jesse was quickly taken away by Val Bragg when she entered the villa. In the finale, Jesse admitted to having feelings for Deb, but both of them had reservations about their partner.

Are shannon and Josh together?

Are Shannon and Josh together on Love Island USA, as they’ve been spotted together on multiple occasions? The two were paired up in the Love Island USA season three premiere. They immediately had chemistry and were spotted spending quality time together. However, Josh tried to play it cool by kissing another girl in a challenge, but Shannon didn’t go along with this as they wanted to be a couple. However, since the season 3 premiere, Josh and Shannon have been inseparable.

There have been a number of other relationships formed on “Love Island USA” since season 3. A number of couples have broken up in Seasons one through three. However, some have stayed together, even if the relationship was not strong. One couple, Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy, called it quits in November 2021.

While fans have wondered if the pair would remain together after Cash’s elimination, the two reunited at the airport. The couple kept fans informed via their social media posts and Instagram Lives, until they announced their breakup in January 2022. Luckily, both sides ended their relationship on good terms.

Is Kyra and Cashel still together?

After the season of ‘The Bachelorette’ ended, Kyra Green and Cashel Barnett began dating. They shared love photos on social media and worked on music together. They even opened a YouTube channel. However, the couple dissolved their relationship in October 2019.

Despite the breakup, Cashel and Kyra have continued to post pictures of their love life online. Their relationship was not as healthy as it appeared on the show, and both cheated on each other. The relationship is now officially over, as Kyra has unfollowed Cashel on social media. It seems that Cashel is happy to be dating someone else, while Kyra is living life to the fullest.

The pair met during Season 1 of Love Island USA, where they were both competitors. Kyra was a native of Sacramento, California, and Cashel hails from Sacramento. They initially fell in love with one another, but Cashel had second thoughts after he met Caroline “Caro” Viehweg. But as the season progressed, the pair started a relationship with one another.

Is Cashay and Cinco still together?

While on the season of Love Island USA, Cashay and Cinco were seen together on the first and second days, and on days five and 32, respectively. They subsequently separated, though they maintained long-distance relationships, including spending Thanksgiving together in 2021. Despite the breakup, Cashay and Cinco remained friends after the show, and their relationship was never officially labeled as a relationship.

Although they have been spotted together on social media, the pair have not confirmed their relationship on air. However, they have been seen joking about their mistake with Aimee last weekend, and they have been photographed lying in bed and hugging each other. It seems that the two have rekindled their romance after their separation from the love island villa.

Cashay Proudfoot and Melvin ‘Cinco’ Holland Jr. first met on the “Love Island” USA season 3 show, and continued their relationship outside the villa. Afterwards, the pair revealed that they were dating in the real world. However, they separated again five months after the show’s premiere. The drama between the two has sparked fan speculation.

Who split up from Love Island 2022?

After three weeks of Love Island, rumours have already started circulating about the split of Paige and Adam. The pair were not seen spending much time together outside of the villa. Paige’s mum was not too sure about their relationship. Paige’s mum also doubted whether Adam and Paige were still together outside of the villa. She also questioned the promise of Jacques to pick her up from the airport, causing more doubts.

As the season’s finale approaches, there are still a number of couples that have separated. Deji Adeniyi and Lacey Edwards broke up in the final week, just a few days after they got together. Summer Botwe and Josh Le Grove, who met on the show, were also romantically linked. They also got dumped after a couple of days. Dami Hope and Danica Taylor also broke up during the series, but it is not clear why.

Despite being rumoured to split, Danica Taylor and Jamie Allen were spotted kissing Roman Hackett in the villa. Both were said to have been in a relationship, but sources say the relationship wasn’t romantic and they are just friends.

Are Mitch and Tina still together?

Mitch and Tina Provis, who appeared on Love Island Australia together in season three, have split. Although they spent time apart after the show, they remained loyal to each other. During their final week together, Mitch asked Tina to be his girlfriend. The two now live separately in Melbourne and Sydney. Their split has caused much speculation and has left fans wondering if they are still together.

The couple split in February. It was a very public split – they both announced their split on Instagram. Despite the breakup, both women were thankful for their time together. There were rumours that Mitch had cheated, but Tina remained firm that he had not. Since the breakup, Mitch has been seeing Love Island co-star Emily Ward. Cassidy, meanwhile, is busy starting her own YouTube channel. She also seems to be close to her former co-stars.

The news about their breakup was surprising, especially since the couple are both so close friends. However, there was no denying their mutual interest in each other. The two haven’t dated for several years, but Emily’s recent appearance on Love Island has fueled speculation. In the show, Emily was the one who chose Mitch over Taku. They had been chatting with each other since before Recoupling. The breakup was announced on Instagram, but both sides put the blame on the COVID border closures.

Are Bella and Joel still together?

After the end of Love Island USA season four, Joel Bierwert has confirmed he is dating Bella Barbaro. The former Casa Amor contestant first met Joel during the reunion show. During the episode, Joel and Bella flirted with each other but eventually connected. The two then met in a hotel and kissed, confirming that they are indeed dating. However, it is unclear whether or not they will get married or not.

While they didn’t make their relationship official on the show, Joel and Bella seem to be hanging out together after filming was completed. Joel even penned a poem for Bella, dedicating it to her. While some fans are happy for Joel, others were disappointed that they weren’t able to make things official in the villa. As a result, fans are curious to know if Joel and Bella are still together.

Joel and Bella’s relationship started a few days after the show began. However, their attraction to each other intensified once Chase turned his head for Phoebe Siegel. Bella started following Joel after meeting Joel. The two remained in the competition despite their rocky start.