Diamond Rio – How Your Love Makes Me Feel

Diamond Rio – How Your Love Makes Me Feel

“How Your Love Makes Me Feel” is a popular song by American country rock group Diamond Rio. Written by Trey Bruce, it was released in May 1997 and reached the top of the Billboard charts for three weeks. It was the group’s second number-one single. The video was released on October 13, 1997.

What song is Diamond Rio famous for?

Diamond Rio is a country band from the ’90s that explored the softer side of country music. Their songs merged string band throwbacks with pop ballads. The group changed with the times, but their sound stayed the same. “She’s Inflatable” was the title track of their 1998 debut album, and it quickly became one of the best-selling records of 1998. It also gained crossover appeal with a parody by Cledus T. Judd on his 1999 album Juddmental.

The band changed lineups several times and had a few lead singers. Ultimately, they entered the Star Search competition, where they were eliminated early. Afterward, they circulated demos to the Arista Nashville division and were signed. The band played several shows as opening act for George Jones, and they released their debut album, “Meet in the Middle,” before the band’s name changed.

In October 1991, Diamond Rio made their first appearance at the Opry, making them the first group to perform on the stage since the Whites. Since then, they have become one of the most successful country groups and have sold over 10 million records. Their songs have received several awards, including the Grammy for Best Country Album.

What songs do Diamond Rio sing?

Diamond Rio is an American country music band that has been around since 1982. The band used to be called the Grizzly River Boys and Tennessee River Boys but they later changed their name to Diamond Rio. Their music has a very positive message for everyone, and the lyrics in their songs are very meaningful and inspiring.

The song “How Your Love Makes Me Feel” by Diamond Rio is a love song written by Trey Bruce and released by Diamond Rio in 1997. It topped the Hot Country Songs chart for three weeks and became the group’s second number one single. The video premiered on October 13, 1997.

Diamond Rio’s sound is more country than pop, but it is still recognizable as Diamond Rio. They have released a number of country radio hits as well as several holiday albums.

How many number one hits did Diamond Rio have?

The band’s seventh studio album, Completely, was released in 2002 and was originally conceived as a double album. However, due to a lack of support in the country music world, the concept was scrapped. This gave the band more freedom in choosing songs for the album. The album received gold certification and produced two number one singles. The last of these was “Beautiful Mess,” which reached No. 33 on the country charts.

The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 1991. The lead single, “Meet in the Middle,” made Diamond Rio the first country group to earn a number one debut single. The album also produced four more Top Ten hits, including the number one “The Star Still Shines.”

Before becoming a band, Diamond Rio began playing as the Tennessee River Boys, a popular country act in Nashville. In the early 1980s, they had played at Opryland theme park. Later, some members left and the current group was formed. Later, they signed with Arista and their first album went platinum. The group began to develop their own distinctive style of vocal harmony and instrumental detail.

What type of music does Diamond Rio play?

In addition to the popular music of Nashville, Diamond Rio has a unique sound. They grew out of the Grizzly River Boys, a country rock band that performed at the former Opryland theme park. Members of the band, including singer Marty Roe, drummer Brian Prout, and mandolin player Gene Johnson, left the group in 1986 to form Diamond Rio. Later, the band added bassist Dana Williams, who is the nephew of Sonny and Bobby Osborne.

The group’s diverse sound has been influenced by the genres of country, bluegrass, and pop. The band’s members combine traditional instruments and vocal harmonies to create a sound that is familiar yet fresh. The result is an album of songs that are both digestible and respectable for a modern audience. One song from their acclaimed Close to the Edge album renames singer Roe as hillbilly Shakespeare.

Despite the band’s eclectic sound, they were consistent in the Top Ten during the 1990s, and they stayed on the forefront of the genre. Their debut album, “Unbelievable,” showcased a piano-driven power ballad sound, while “I Know How the River Feels” added a string section. In 2006, Diamond Rio was in a position to make such a move, signing with country music powerhouse Word Records.

How long has Diamond Rio been together?

The band began as the Tennessee River Boys, a group whose members were all members of a local amusement park in Tennessee. In the early 1980s, they played in a number of rock bands before finding their niche in country music. After a short hiatus from Opryland in 1986, they returned and reformed under the name Diamond Rio. Although their sound was somewhat erratic in the early years, the group was able to develop its own sound and style as time went on.

The band continued to perform live for several years. They also released a concert album, I Made It, in fall 2015. Their latest album, For the People, was released this fall. This was the band’s first studio album in six years. As the group continued to tour, their career took off.

Diamond Rio’s debut album, titled ‘Diamond Rio’, hit the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 1991. This single made the group the first country music group to debut at the top spot. The group went on to have four No. 1 hits and a platinum album. Eventually, Diamond Rio released three more albums, and three of them reached the top of the charts.

What happened to the band Diamond Rio?

Before the group’s disbandment, Diamond Rio had been working steadily and released multiple albums. Their first album, How Your Love Makes Me Feel, reached the top of the charts and was followed by hits like “One More Day” and “Unbelievable.” Their songs combined infectious pop fun with a serious moral stance and gospel-style harmonies. After a few years, the band decided to quit.

Diamond Rio’s career took a turn after they signed to Arista Records. The label’s executives asked for a more contemporary name. Diamond Rio was chosen after a producer misspelled “REO” as “Rio”. After the band signed to Arista, they continued to tour, but changed their name to reflect their new sound.

Diamond Rio first got their start as the Grizzly River Boys in the early 1980s. The original lineup included vocalist Roe. The group later changed its name to Tennessee River Boys. As the band grew, they became more distinct with vocal harmony and instrumental detail.

What songs Lonestar sing?

Diamond Rio’s 1997 single “How Your Love Makes Me Feel” began a three-week dominance on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Written by Trey Bruce and Max T. Barnes, the song was the first of two new tracks to appear on the band’s 1997 Greatest Hits album. The other new track, “Imagine That,” reached No. 4. The album also landed the group its first top 10 on the Top Country Albums chart.

Diamond Rio released three more top-ten hits, including their fifth No. 1 single, “Walkin’ Away.” Their fourth album, IV, spawned three more top-ten hits, including “That’s What I Get For Lovin’ You.” The band’s final No. 1 hit came with the single “It’s All in Your Head.”

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