Our Causes

Love Running is about seeing love in action, love with legs. We're partnering with some incredible charities to help change the lives of the poor, the oppressed and the needy. This year we're giving half of all we raise to global causes, focusing on Syrian Children Refugees, and the other half to local causes, addressing some of the areas of greatest need in Bristol.

Abroad - Syrian Refugee Children

1 Camp. 3 Schools. 15,300 children. 2 meals a day.

We're supporting World Vision as they partner with the World Food Programme to provide school meals for children living in the Azraq Refugee camp, in Jordan.

As the conflict enters a sixth year, the human cost is simply unimaginable. We're determined to do our part to make sure there isn't a 'lost generation' of Syrian children. The best hope these children have is to make sure they get their education. And that means that they need feeding. You can't learn, if you can't eat. 

As well as this major initiative, we'll be supporting other partners working with refugees and displaced children in other neighbouring countries, like Iraq.

At Home - Meeting Bristol Need

Half of everything we raise will be given to support 13 key charities and agencies, working in 7 different areas of Bristol need:

  • Homelessness | Crisis Centre Ministries and Homeless Shelters
  • Vulnerable Women | One25 and Beloved (women caught in the sex trade) as well as Unseen and Spring of Hope (trafficked and homeless women)
  • Local Community Projects | The Noise, Urban Pursuit (working with children at risk of exclusion)
  • Single Parent Families | REACH 
  • Asylum Seekers | City Fund and b.friend (providing shelter for refugees and child migrants)
  • Food Poverty | 5k Partnership
  • Prisoners & Ex-Offenders | Sixty One (Breaking the cycle of crime and punishment)

As we go through Love Running we'll feature some of these remarkable charities in more depth.